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15th - 18th SEPTEMBER 2022

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Rider, sign up for the EWS-E in Crans-Montana and test your skills not only on the downhill trails but on some uphill power stages too!

The Enduro World Series therefore refers to all enduro competitions for licensed riders all over the world. Electric bikes have also made an appearance in the world of enduro, as electrically assisted races are now being held, known as EWS-E.

The EWS-E races will embody the core values of the existing EWS races - they’ll still feature challenging terrain in spectacular locations, but will be held on separate trails from the traditional EWS races. This bold new format will see riders pushed to the limit on both downhill and specially designed technical climbing special stages.

And that’s not the only difference - for the first time in enduro, the Liaison Stages will take on a pivotal role in the race, as times are kept deliberately tight and will feature more singletrack than ever before. Failure to make it through the liaisons on time will result in penalties.

Watch the highlights from last years race...

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17 & 18 SEPTEMBER 2022

Within this very fast-paced environment, enduro appeared in the early 2000s. A fully-fledged discipline recognised by the UCI since 2020, enduro events combine the technical elements of downhill with the endurance and speed of cross-country.

Riders tackle narrow, demanding descents and pedal long uphill distances to connect the stages.

An event usually consists of 3 or 4 timed stages that the riders have to complete within a given time, with a rider starting on the course every 30 seconds. The cumulative time of these stages determines the winner.

However the EWS is not just for licensed riders. At each event, amateurs are invited to try the discipline and ride the same course as the professionals. They can ride the whole course (EWS100) or part of it (EWS80 or EWS50, where the cyclists ride 80 or 50% of the course respectively).

Crans-Montana sits high in the main valley in the Valais region, and its south facing slopes offer up a stunning selection of trails that incorporate everything from natural singletrack through to bike park. Lift access means that riders are able to make the most of the area’s elevation - with trails taking in a huge 2330m of descent. The venue is famed for its dry and warm climate, creating true hero dirt for racing.

Watch the highlights from last years race...

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9 - 18 SEPTEMBER 2022

Even if you are not racing, there is a lot to do in Crans-Montana during the EWS. Check out our program to follow the race and find other activities surrounding the competition.

Friday September 9

Course Release | EWS-E and EWS

Tuesday September 13  

Registration | Official EWS and EWS-E Teams

Shakedown | Official EWS and EWS-E Teams

Wednesday September 14  

Registration | E PRO/E100/E50

Training | E PRO/E100/E50

Rider Briefing | E PRO/E100/E50

Thursday September 15  

Race | E PRO/E100/E50

Awards Ceremony | E PRO/E100/E50

Registration | EWS/100/80

Friday September 16  

Registration | EWS/100/80

Training | EWS/100/80

Rider Briefing | EWS/100/80

Saturday September 17  

Race | EWS100/EWS80

Training | EWS Pro Stage

Race | EWS Pro Stage

Awards Ceremony | EWS100/EWS80

Sunday September 18  

Race | EWS

Awards Ceremony | EWS

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